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Brett Crow DP Showreel

The Direction

A culmination of over seven years of freelance and full service work, Brett's 2018 DP Reel took two months to compile, finesse, and mold. Showreels are tricky; they take a critical eye, a step back.  They require you to become your biggest critic, and dissect your work, and in the end, improve it.

We partnered with local composer, Gary Schmidt (IG @gpsfilmmusic) to create a soundscape that enveloped our visual and narrative style. We needed a piece that spoke through the instruments; it should compliment the stories we had been lucky enough to collaborate on, give our potential clients a glimpse into our style, and to envision themselves alongside of us as filmmaking partners.

Over numerous beers, coffees, and subtle rehashes, the final piece of music came together. A slurry of horns, electric guitar, deep drums, and a clear climax to match with our footage. We wanted the music alone to tell a story through the building tension, gravity, and brevity. In the end, the imagery and music came together in a symphony of image and noise, to symbolize what we believe in at Polyphony: diverse voices, ideas and stories, all joining together in harmony.

Thank you to current and past creative collaborators for allowing us to be a part of productions; including Grain, BYK Digital Marketing, and Geile/Leon Marketing Communications.

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