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From script to storyboard,

keyboard to pencil,

behind the camera,

and at the mouse.

Creative Direction

Style and substance need not be mutually exclusive. We believe in the soft-sell and soul of human narrative, and crafting striking imagery to captivate audiences. At Polyphony, we take the time to learn your brand, collaborate with you to strengthen it, and use our skills to grow it.

We want to know your passions, your audience, and where you see yourself in five years. What is working? What hasn't? No detail is to too small, and no dream too big. We thrive in the creation of beautiful images and stories, yet never lose sight of strategic direction in the big picture of your brand's success.

Our ultimate goal is to take your brand to new heights, and to show the world the beauty behind your mission. We sit down, become enveloped in the creative process, and search for filmmaking solutions to resonate with real people, and align them with your brand.


We have the team and connections to make your film happen. Our eyes are inherently geared towards light, shadow, focus, and composition. We eat pony clamps for dinner, snooze in celluloid sheets, and dream radiantly.

You've done all the hard work of establishing a brand worth telling the world about; time for us to do the heavy lifting. Through pre-production, we will source talent, specialized crew and equipment, and craft a storyboard as a proof of concept. We will align with you strategically, creatively, and most importantly, passionately, about what we're creating.

Tripods to dollies, PL or EF mounts, HMI, LED, or tungsten. We pack in and lug hundreds of pounds of heavy alloy stands, cameras, lights, and specialized tools to create your film the right way, and deliver the visual solutions we promise. After all, your brand is one-of-a-kind. It deserves a film that brings a tailored visual experience to your audience.

Post Production

All of the arduous work of lugging heavy equipment is all for naught without post-production. Our editors and sound designers will splice, slip, slide, and equalize your film to perfection. We pride ourselves in our strong sense of pacing, structure, and edge. We have an intuition for moments and movement.

Ultimately, this is where your film comes together. It is the culmination of the meetings, the broken backs, calloused hands, and dry throats. The noise of production calms, and a visual experience is woven. From features to short form, docu-style to music videos; we have a fundamental understanding of visual design to add polish to your project.

Was our spiel enough?

Contact us below. Let's make something beautiful.

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