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Gardens of Grace

Botanical Architects

The Client

Gardens of Grace is a design-forward landscaping company based in St. Louis, Missouri.  GoG approached us about creating a brand film that tells the story of their founding, what they do, and who they are. Frustrated with other area vendors who sought to tell this through a hard-sell approach in the form of short broadcast advertisements, GoG decided to go all in with a short film that would have a permanence and home on their website and through social media.

The Direction

Throughout the discovery process, our collaboration yielded a lean focus that also didn't relent on showing the human side of Gardens of Grace. Likewise, we wanted to highlight their dedication to process and design; in the end, they aren't just another maintenance company, but a team of highly skilled artisans devoted to transforming landscapes through science and an eye for beauty.

The Result

Through a three day shooting schedule, we captured their story in an interview setting, and packed in for a full day shoot on one of the most sweltering St. Louis summer days to document their process and employees. Following that, a shoot that outlined their design-forward process, as well as maintenance skills. In the end, through our collaboration, we cut the maintenance footage in favor of more design and hardscape content, a decision that I believe yielded the truest sense of the capabilities at Gardens of Grace.

In an age where story trumps selling, films have the power to captivate your audience, and offer them more than just a product or service; you can offer value, partnership, and credence.  Gardens of Grace continues to attract both new and retainer clients as they reach fresh audiences with their story.

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