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Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery

Nationwide Delivery

The Client

Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery is a handcrafted creamery based out of St. Louis Missouri. They utilize small-batch production, trade-secret processes, and local high fat milk to create sumptuous, decadent ice creams and sorbets in uncommon combinations.

While Clementine's thrives across multiple brick and mortars, as well as catering and festivals through their ice cream truck, Clementina, they also offer nationwide shipping. One of the biggest hurdles in expanding awareness of the offering was proving the possibility of delivering ice cream over multiple shipping days. The other was presenting Clementine's as the best choice for celebrating loved ones, sharing moments, and crafting memories with people you care about.

The Direction

What first came was an emphasis on what we do best at Polyphony; establishing a human connection with our audience. Begin with a product, how real people use it, and take a uncommon approach on that interaction. We all remember moments with ice cream, how we enjoyed it as children, and how we treat our loved ones to it. It's more than just how we experience ice cream, it's how we form memories around it.

We took an enigmatic idea and formed it by creating a script dotted with love, childlike wonder, and brightness. We utilized a staccato rhythm, rhyme, and playful language. We wanted Clementine's, as a brand, to resonate with real families -- to be the sweet treat that they share with loved ones and friends.

We found a beautifully renovated Victorian home in Lafayette Square that suited all of our needs; a true gem hiding in plain sight. We devoted ourselves to decorating beautiful sets, sculpting vibrant light, and letting authentic emotions guide direction of talent. In the end, the warmth shone through in the color grade, intimate closeups, and organic handheld camera work.

The Result

We feel the final film is one of our strongest. We strove to relate to how we experience ice cream, and communicate it through childlike eyes. Having been recently accepted to Goldbelly, Clementine's new video will be featured there, as well as Clementine's social media outlets to boost awareness and sales.

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