Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery

Spring Flavors

The Client

Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery is a handcrafted creamery based out of St. Louis Missouri. They utilize small-batch production, patented processes, and local high fat milk to create sumptuous, decadent ice creams and sorbets in uncommon combinations.

To add some social media buzz about upcoming exclusive Spring 2018 flavors, we decided that a sexy tabletop showreel would deliver the goods. It would be simple, cost effective, and most importantly, very digestible across social media to capture instant impressions.

The Direction

Our goal was to capture social media interactions by introducing short films of mouth-watering recipe visuals.  We chose four recipes to film with a tabletop process and developed a shot list to capture each ingredient, in addition to a selection of music to fit the vibe. Utilizing this basic direction, we were able to choreograph ingredients to the music, and establish set decor to suit.

The Result

The setup was simple; implement a classic tabletop light setup of a soft backlight, top highlights, and a subtle front fill to render visual depth and highlight the ingredients. We were able to source the perfect location that exuded the same richness of the product with decor, architecture, and depth of field.

In all, the campaign brought depth to what was once a simple photo posting on Instagram, Facebook, and more. It brought instant connection between viewers in our Insta-Food dominated world. Fans of Clementine's were able to feast their eyes on more than just beautiful visuals of food, though; they were able to get a small glimpse into the handcrafted.